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How much do you spend to maintain sand-eroded bunkers?

With Sand daM™, you can prevent major sand particle movement from rainfall or irrigation runoff, and save yourself time and money in the process.

Made of non-biodegradable polyester and synthetic binders ranging in thickness from ¾” to 1”, Sand daM™ has the durability and resistance to withstand weather and prevent washouts and contamination. In cold climates, Sand daM™ eliminates cross migration of rocks and other materials due to the freeze-thaw process. Unlike other products that are water soluble and become flat and useless after saturation, Sand daM™ is designed to work well under water and been shown to survive the longest - compared to our competitors’ products - under damp bunker sand. Its open mesh, bonded fiber design allows water movement to underdrains quickly, while ensuring that sand particles stay in place. In fact, Sand daM™ has been field tested by civil engineers to stabilize sand on slopes as severe as 60 degrees!

Even better, Sand daM™ is easy to install. Because it is 100 percent nonflammable, Sand daM™ can be ‘cut’ with a hand-held propane torch with almost surgical precision—saving you labor costs during installation. And unlike other geosynthetic products, Sand daM™ is designed not to snag if accidental contact is made by golf clubs or maintenance equipment.

Considering that a typical golf course spends roughly $7,600 per year just on manpower to maintain sand-eroded bunkers, an investment in Sand daM™ could pay off for you. Call us for more information or view the brochure at the link below.







Sand daM MR™ is ideal for projects where high performance and low cost are required. Sand daM MR™ is made from the exact same components as Hi Performance Sand MR™. This product can also be cut and trimmed quickly with a propane torch to help save time and money by eliminating excess labor costs during installation. Sand daM MR™ will not biodegrade under sand. Sand daM MR™ has excellent erosion capabilities and is effective on slopes up to 50°!




For golf course bunkers needing sand and soil separation more than erosion control, Sand daM™ LITE is the solution. Made from the same high quality non-biodegradable polyester as Hi Performance Sand daM™, Sand daM™ LITE can prevent the contamination of costly bunker sand while saving you money—up to 40 percent!

Best used in greenside bunkers with low-angle slopes or on flat-bottomed fairway bunkers, Sand daM™ LITE can withstand all types of weather, while still allowing water to flow into bunker drains. In cold climates, Sand daM™ eliminates cross migration of rocks and other materials due to the freeze-thaw process. Unlike other geosynthetic bunker blanket products, Sand daM™ LITE will not snag if accidental contact is made by golf clubs or maintenance tools.




Typical Staple

Round-Top Pin


  • 1000pcs./carton
  • 50 lbs./carton
The Round Top Pin, when installed with the Round Top Driver, is one of the most advanced products in the industry. It's the only device of its kind for securing Sand daM erosion blankets, geotextile fabrics, and sod. The pin is manufactured 11 gauge, high-strength steel wire. It measures 6 inches in length and has a 1 3/8" diameter head.

The Round-Top head is engineered to hold 5 times the surface area of a typical U-shaped staple. In other words, more surface area means more holding power.

The patent pending Round Top Pin will help to reduce labor cost, improve installation and insure the success of your next project.


  1. Saves you time and money.
  2. Eliminates back-breaking stake and staple hand pounding.
  3. Helps eliminate mower damage by completely driving steel pins into the soil.
  4. Less chance of bending or jamming like traditional U- shaped staples.
  5. Holds more netting strands than a typical “U-shaped” staple.
  6. Allows easy visual inspection by engineer, superintendent or inspector.
  7. Provides more surface holding power.
  8. Versatile - can be used with any center driven securing pin.
  9. Works great securing Sand daM™ bunker blankets in muddy sloped areas, or water puddles.



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