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Redmax hand held equipment, chain saws, string trimmers, power blowers and more at E/T Equipment Company in Westchester County, Croton-on-Hudson New York.

Redmax Hand-held Equipment

Visit www.redmax.com for more information.
Chain Saws
G2500TS Top Handle Chainsaw
G3100T Top Handle Chainsaw
G3200EZ Rear Handle Chainsaw
G3800AVS Rear Handle Chainsaw
G5000AVS Rear Handle Chainsaw
G621AVS Rear Handle Chainsaw
GZ4000 Rear Handle Chainsaw
Drills & Augers
AG2300 Power Auger
AG4300 High Power Pro Auger
EDG2300 Gas Power Drill
EDG2300-R Reversible Gas Engine Drill
HE225F Curved-Shaft Edger
HEZ2500S Staight Shaft Edger
SGCZ2500 Reciprocator
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Toll Free: 1-800-993-3373

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