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LASTEC PTO Driven Series Mowers

Lastec's line of PTO Driven mowers all feature articulating decks. The articulating decks rise and fall with the contour of the ground to give you the best possible cut, without sacrificing accuracy. Another advantage of Lastec's PTO Driven series is the patented belt drive system.

  • LASTEC Articulator 721XR Mower
  • LASTEC Articulator 721XF Mower
  • LASTEC Articulator 521XR Mower
  • LASTEC Articulator 621ER Mower

  • LASTEC Zero Turn Series Mowers

    The Lastec Articulator riding mowers are an engineering masterpiece. The unique design features combine size, strength, and maneuverability-- all with the articulating decks that make the Articulator one of a kind.

    Powered by Kubota engines, our wide-area mowers allow you to cut up to 96" wide with 4 articulating decks. But power and speed aren't everything. At Lastec, we put your safety first. A wide wheel base, and a low center of gravity combine to provide unmatched stability on side hills and slopes. When your work is complete, you'll look back and see that Lastec mowers sculpt the turf better than any other machines on the market.

  • LASTEC 3696 Articulator Zero Turn Mower - 96'' cut
  • LASTEC 3682 Articulator Zero Turn Mower - 82'' cut

  • LASTEC Front Mount Series Mowers

    Lastec offers a wide range of articulating mowers to meet your needs. The front mount series feature the articulating decks that Lastec is famous for. These mowers are ideal for the front-mount tractors of most manufacturers. Another advantage of Lastec's front mount series is the patented belt drive system.

  • LASTEC Articulator 621EF Front Mount Mower - 126'' cut
  • LASTEC Articulator 325EF Front Mount Mower - 72'' cut

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