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John Deere 997 Diesel Z-Trak Mowers

Designed to meet the needs of production mowers, the 997 diesel Z-Trak is equipped with a 31-hp Yanmar diesel engine. This engine provides more displacement and peak torque than most competitors, which allows operators to maximize acres mowed per hour. Available shaft-driven mower decks include 60- or 72-inch 7-Iron II™ side discharge decks and a 60-inch rear discharge deck.

John Deere PRO 800 Series Mowers

For professional mowing, there is now a mower that excels in three areas: durability, reliability, and productivity.

The new Z-Trak™ PRO 800 Series Mowers will help you cover more acres faster and more dependably with an even higher quality of cut.

  • John Deere Z810A  -22 hp
  • John Deere Z820A  -25hp
  • John Deere Z830A  -27hp
  • John Deere Z840A  -26hp
  • John Deere Z820A  -31hp
  • John Deere Max Z-Trak Mowers

    The two Max Z-Traks come equipped with a 27-hp or 29-hp, horizontal-shaft, liquid-cooled Kawasaki engine coupled with either a 60- or 72-inch 7-Iron II™ deck. The 777 and 797 Max Z-Traks offer the ultimate in mowing performance and productivity – they’ll make quick work of large mowing jobs. These larger units closely mirror the highly desirable features found on our Mid Z-Trak lineup. In addition, the liquid-cooled engines allow for quieter operation and longer-lasting performance.

  • John Deere 777 Max Z-Trak Mower - 27 hp
  • John Deere 797 Max Z-Trak Mower - 29 hp

  • John Deere Mid Z-Trak Mowers

    The two Mid Z-Traks come equipped with a 23-hp or 25-hp, horizontal-shaft, air-cooled Kawasaki engine coupled with either a 54- or 60-inch 7-Iron II™ deck. The 737 and 757 Mid Z-Traks are the flagship of the Z-Trak lineup, offering a host of features aimed at achieving product reliability while ensuring operator comfort and maximum productivity. Their strength begins with a single-piece tubular-steel frame. Operator comfort is assured when you add up the positive effects of a low center of gravity, a deluxe comfort seat, right-hand console controls and the foot-assisted dial height-of-cut adjustment. Regular service is also made easy with a flip-up footrest, a tilt seat and removable grille.

  • John Deere 737 Mid Z-Trak Mower - 23 hp
  • John Deere 757 Mid Z-Trak Mower - 25 hp
  • John Deere Mini Z-Trak Mowers

    The two Mini Z-Traks come equipped with a 19-hp or 23-hp, vertical-shaft, air-cooled Kawasaki engine coupled with a 48- or 54-inch 7-Iron II™ deck. The shorter overall length of the 717A and the 727A requires less trailer space and increases maneuverability for mowing on smaller properties. Like the larger Z-Traks, these include a single-piece tubular-steel frame for assured strength. The foot-assist and no-tool deck height-of-cut adjustment are two of many features designed to increase operator comfort and convenience and improve productivity.

  • John Deere 717A Mini Z-Trak Mower - 19 hp
  • John Deere 727A Mini Z-Trak Mower - 23 hp
  • John Deere Quik-Trak Mowers

    The innovative design of the Quik-Trak (stand-on platform) fills the gap between traditional mid-mount zero-turning-radius mowers and commercial walk-behind mowers. Compact in size, they occupy about the same space on your trailer as a commercial walk-behind and offer superior trimming visibility. A vertical-shaft, air-cooled Kawasaki engine is coupled with the industry-exclusive 7-Iron II™ deck. The 647A combines a 19-hp engine and 48-inch deck, while the 657A and 667A are powered by a 23-hp engine with either 54-or 60-inch 7-Iron II™ decks. The easy-to-learn Hydrostatic transmission drive is a real time saver when training new employees. Current owners will attest to substantial productivity gains primarily attributed to quicker loading and unloading between job sites and shorter interruptions for debris collection while mowing, as well as reduced operator fatigue.

  • John Deere 647A Quik-Trak Mower - 19 hp
  • John Deere 657A Quik-Trak Mower - 23 hp
  • John Deere 667A Quik-Trak Mower - 23 hp
  • John Deere Front Z-Trak Mowers

    The highly maneuverable F687 Z-Trak mower includes an out front and left, offset 48-, 54- or 60-inch 7-Iron II™ deck, enabling superior visibility for easier trimming around highly landscaped areas. This unit is equipped with a 23-hp, air-cooled Kohler engine. A full-floating platform coupled with the optional MCS ensures a well-groomed landscape. Often preferred by owner/operators, the out-front deck includes rotate-for-service (RFS) capability, and the tilt-back hood allows complete access for engine service.
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