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  • GREENS BLANKETS™ are used for covering golf course or athletic field turf. These protective blankets greatly reduce winter damages caused by wind desiccation and low temperatures.
  • GREENS BLANKETS™ are recommended to be used as germination aids for newly seeded areas. New sod, or “sprigged” turf surfaces, establish faster, and root deeper, during cool weather. In the warmer climates of the USA, the product has been field tested for earlier post-dormancy emergence, thus speeding up play/usage of those areas covered.
  • GREENS BLANKETS™ are made from a non-woven, continuous filament, geotextile with UV stabilizers added for sunlight resistance. They are lightweight… yet engineered tough, for easier handling during installation and storage.
  • GREENS BLANKETS™ resist degradation by soil-borne organisms, chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. They allow sunshine through to turf areas emerging from winter dormancy by raising temperatures 7 to 17 degrees higher than ambient air temperatures. These blankets permit water to pass downward while letting excess water evaporate from turf below.
  • GREENS BLANKETS™ will raise soil temperatures to maximize post-winter turf recovery and accelerate early spring growth, which will improve turf conditions and permit earlier spring revenue play.
  • GREENS BLANKETS™ promote rapid seed germination, increased root growth, and early spring green-up.














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