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GRAVELY Commercial Series Walk-Behind Mowers

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TGet a perfect cut with these machines that are tough on lawns but easy on you. These powerful walk-behind mowers provide all the long-lasting power you need to mow, mulch or clean the toughest lawns.

Gravely Pro-Walk Series Commercial Walk-Behind Mower

How did Gravely improve the productivity and performance of the easiest-handling walk in its class? They added their exclusive 5.4"-Deep Air-Flo™ Deck, featuring a fully floating deck design in sizes up to 48 ". Next, they used the same zero-maintenance Gravely® XL Spindles™ found on the Gravely 260Z zero-turn beast. Finally, they boosted their hydro's ground speed to a quick 5 mph, without sacrificing their famous quality of cut. A faster, more efficient mower with less maintenance - it all adds up to profits for you.
GR1332FX: 13 HP, 32" Deck
GR1334FX: 13 HP, 34" Deck
GR1336FX: 13 HP, 36" Deck
GR1548FX: 15 HP, 48" Deck
HR1536FX: 15 HP, 36" Deck
HR1748FX: 17 HP, 48" Deck
HE1748FL: 17 HP, 48" Deck
HE1952FL: 19 HP, 52" Deck

Gravely Pro 21 XD Series Commercial Walk-Behind Mower

This commercial walk-behind provides the long-lasting power you need to mow, mulch or clean the toughest lawns. The XD 21 features a Honda 6 HP commercial engine and a self-propelled variable speed drive system letting you match your work speed to lawn conditions. Its heavy duty 14-gauge steel deck and a Steel Valve Cover Protector Bar provide long life to your machine.
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